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From planning your big day to building a financially secure future with your partner, we can help you manage your money together

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Financing your dream wedding and honeymoon

How to ease the pressure of funding your big day

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Financial tips from newlyweds

Those who have recently got married offer advice on wedding budgeting and managing your cashflow

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Planning your children's future

Giving them a great start in life

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Financial health check

Three quick steps to find out your financial health

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Combining your finances: the myths

What happens when you join your finances with your partner's? We separate fact from fiction

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How to manage your money with your partner

Options for managing your money as a couple

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In practice: how two couples manage their money

A newlywed and a wife of eight years discuss what works for them

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Building the financial foundations for parenthood

Practical tips for preparing your household financially for a new baby

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