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The death of someone close is always a difficult time. When you’re experiencing grief, dealing with practical matters and making important financial decisions it can seem overwhelming. We are here to support you through those steps and decisions. Our specialist team are just a phone call away.

Your step by step guide

There are a handful of things that need to be done as soon as possible after someone has died. By the time you contact us, you may have done some of them already. If not, you will find below guidance on the steps that need to be taken, starting by formally registering the death.

Step 1 Registering the death

When someone passes away the death must be registered

Step 2 Notifying us

Once you have registered the death you should notify Bank

Step 3 Obtaining the will

You will need to know the signed and witnessed version of the will

Step 4 Arranging the funeral

We can release funds from the estate to pay for the funeral expenses

Step 5 Letting organisations know

There are a number of organisations you'll need to inform

Step 6 Dealing with the estate

Dealing with the estate can be complex depending on each case

Letting us know

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Notify online

You can inform us of a bereavement online

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**Everyone's circumstances are different and what applies to one person may not be right for someone else. The suggestions above are based on a general assumption of each circumstance and they are not intended to provide advice or recommendation.

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